Wheelchair accessible toy hauler / RV


I found the Dune Sport company a ¬†year ago and thought they’d come up with a great idea for making camping and traveling better for people in wheelchairs. It’s not always necessary to add a wheelchair lift to everything! These wheelchair accessible toy haulers aren’t really RVs but have several configurations and affordable upgrades to make them wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair accessible toy hauler rear entrance

A toy hauler has a ramp off the back that was originally for rolling in ATVs and other “toys” but makes a perfect ramp for a wheelchair too! The ramp is affixed at regular hauler height but there is an option for a lower-profile ramp if you need it lower to the ground. This would be perfect for my power chair, as is.

There are also many options for the inside, including a wheelchair accessible bathroom upgrade. This upgrade makes sure the shower is practically level with the floor and the bathroom is wide enough to get in and out of. This is another common problem with camping — using the bathrooms! This sort of arrangement would allow you to shower in the privacy of your own unit.

Accessible toy hauler floor plan

The company builds all units custom for the owner so if you have any particular needs for your wheelchair accessible toy hauler, you can get them in, just ask. Of course there’s only so much you can cram into a toy hauler of a particular size, so there are several small and large sizes to accommodate needs like extra beds or adaptations.

Accessible toy hauler inside

The inside also ends up looking really nice. The fixtures and cabinets look great as well. It’s definitely a step up from a tent. The inside pictured here isn’t from the wheelchair accessible version but you can see the nice dark cabinets and fold down beds. There are also small windows and the side door can double as a window as well so you don’t feel like you’re stuck inside a dark room!

For more information about the wheelchair accessible toy haulers, please visit the Dune Sport toy hauler site.

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One Response to Wheelchair accessible toy hauler / RV

  1. Loren says:

    I own an accessible Dunesport hauler. It’s ok. The build took 7 months. Five longer than was quoted when I gave the deposit. I give then a C- for service. Once I paid for it, get a return phone call was trying at best.

    It’s too bad really as there’s a market for access-RVs. But I can recommend them..

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