Wheelchair only parking spaces


I need extra space to deploy the ramp on my van so I get extremely frustrated when there are no wheelchair accessible parking spaces left. I get even more frustrated when none of the people using the spaces are using a wheelchair or need the extra space to get in and out of their vehicle. Don’t even get me started on old people or fat people who park in disabled spaces then proceed to walk around Sam’s Club for an hour. If you can walk around the large maze of Sam’s Club then you clearly do not qualify for a disabled parking permit.

But I digress. Sure there are alternative solutions like park across two regular spaces — but that doesn’t work well in a crowded lot because you might have trouble finding two together or one at all. I have always thought that having a disabled parking space at the far end of the lot would solve the problem because no legitimately disabled walking person and none of the lazy non-deserving permit holders would want to walk that far. I don’t mind rolling from a far space.

But that’s not very safe. As you’re rolling down a crowded parking lot it’s very easy for someone backing out NOT to see you. This has happened to me on several occasions.

Another alternative is that you could have someone else drop you off and park your car in a regular space. I’ve done that. But what if you’re by yourself? Then you’re stuck. And who wants to let their bad-driving aunt drive their vehicle?!?!?! Not me!

It makes sense to have at least one wheelchair only parking space in large parking lots. I am tired of fighting for spaces with people who don’t need the space. The state of Oregon has already enacted a law to require wheelchair only parking spaces and has a separate permit for the spaces as well. Hopefully other states will follow through with similar laws.

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