Wheelchair travel: The Wyndham Royal Gardens Hotel in Waikiki


I had an opportunity to stay at the Wyndham Royal Gardens Hotel in Waikiki for a week during my last trip to Hawaii in March 2012. Although I wasn’t expecting much, my stay turned out to be a very pleasant one.

The hotel is positioned off the main drag of Waikiki, closer to the Ala Wai canal than the beach. However, this sort of location does have its advantages. First, it’s not quite as loud and crowded. Second, it’s near the main Waikiki bus lines and has street parking. If you are not driving, it is about a block to the nearest bus and several blocks to the beach. With my power chair I didn’t mind the journey.

Most of the Wyndham Royal Gardens was recently converted into timeshares and as part of this conversion the common areas were mostly redone. Although the marble and glass of the lobby was pre-existing, the carpets and room décor are all pretty much new and very well done.

My room was a wheelchair accessible room that had been re-done recently. The floor was a neat gray tile and it had a kitchenette, a big LCD TV, free Internet, and a comfortable mattress. There was a “lanai” but it was not something you’d be able to sit on. A standing person could go out there but would only be able to stand! Nevertheless it was nice to have a big sliding door to open and close.

The staff at the Wyndham Royal Gardens was amazing and when I would leave and return the valet would always try to hold the door for me. There were only a few times I ever had to push the door open myself.

I did have two minor issues with the property and both could be easily mitigated. The shower was huge but I had to ask for a shower chair, which I got, but the chair was not adjustable. So I ended up putting towels down under it to give it a little boost. The other issue was the bed height, which to me seemed about three inches to high. Getting out of bed was fine, but getting in proved to be a nightly struggle (possible, but time consuming!)

Overall everything was great and I would stay at the Wyndham Royal Gardens again!

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