When you can’t do, teach.


I really liked playing volleyball in junior high and wanted to play on the high school team. I went to tryouts the first few days and knew from the start that high school volleyball and recreational volleyball are two very different things. In other words, I got my ass kicked! So I sent my knee pads to practice with a friend of mine and stopped going. I am really not sure why I got the knee pads in the first place, because if I went down on my knees, I wasn’t going to get up on my own! Plus I had trouble doing overhand serving and that’s sort of important as well. Even though my underhand serve was reliable, it was not effective in the least!

But then another door opened. My sister’s 6th grade volleyball team did not have a coach and nobody was stepping up to do the job. So my neighbor, whose sister was also on the team, and I decided we could coach their team. We made a few calls and before we knew it, we had a key to the gym and were ready to go!

Since there needed to be an adult there during practice (we were only 14 at the time), we created a schedule for the parents so that each practice had a chaperone. It worked out well. Of course we had no idea what we were doing, but elementary school volleyball is basically about serving and receiving. So that’s what we practiced. Thankfully we had some of the best servers in the league and we ended up having a pretty good record.

So even though I couldn’t play anymore, I was able to volunteer my time so that others could play. I learned a lot from coaching that team and the experience was invaluable.

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