Wishlist of technologies


Yesterday I wrote about some lifesaving technologies I appreciate that we already have access to. Today I thought I’d ponder some “dream” technologies which are either coming down the pipe or could be wonderful to have around.

1. Batteries that last for weeks and weeks

While I am very glad my chair can make it through the day without needing a charge, it would be wonderful to have batteries that last for weeks. Not only would this make traveling a bit easier, but on days when I play wheelchair tennis I would know for sure that I wouldn’t run out of juice before the day is up. It would also be great to have mobile devices and laptops that didn’t require a charge every day either!

2. Practical exoskeletons

Various groups around the world are working on exoskeletons that provide the wearer with tremendous strength and abilities. But right now they’re clunky and slow and I would never wear one even if it meant I could walk again. Unless it’s something I can put on and take off myself and allows me to walk with a normal pace, I won’t really consider integrating an exoskeleton into my life. The prospects, however, are amazing to think about.

3. Artificial muscles

Even more exciting than the idea of exoskeletons is the notion of artificial muscles. Whether they’d be implanted or leverage nano-technology to build them inside the body, I’d definitely sign up for something like that!

4. Super portable ramps

I would love to have a ramp attached to my wheelchair that could deploy on its own. I’d even settle for super thin and lightweight ramps that just attached to my chair and someone else could deploy. It’s great being able to tow my ramps around with me in my car but it would be really nice if I always had it on my chair.

5. A really easy and cheap way to get in and out of a pool or spa

Pool lifts are expensive and clunky. I wish there was a device, or a magical spell, that could take me from my chair into the water and back in the blink of an eye!

6. A device to lift me up from the floor

Sometimes it’s nice to sit on the floor or in the grass. A super portable device that could scoop me up and put me in my chair would be great to have around.

7. A cheaper way to modify vehicles for accessible driving.

I don’t know what could be done to make this possible but it would be nice if there was some way a wheelchair and a vehicle could be unified so that it’s as easy to get into a car as it is for someone without a chair. Again, this could be magical spell territory, but the idea is exciting.

What is on your technology wish list?

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