You can have meetings in your underwear


When you work from home, like I do most of the time, it’s easy to have a meeting in your underwear. Usually this happens over the phone, in the morning, after I’ve pushed snooze too many times and find myself rushing to untangle the earphones for my phone as it’s ringing. Getting dressed is not essential.

Well a few years ago I woke up and sat down at my computer in my boxers. At this point in time the front room of my apartment was an “office” for my business partner and I. He had arrived a few minutes prior and had grown used to opening the door and finding me getting the sleep out of my eyes, typing on the computer, with my boxers still on. So no big deal.

But before I could realize it, a car pulled into the driveway. It was our contracted employee and his uncle who we forgot was coming over for a meeting! The really unfortunate part is that at this time I was still walking but I could not stand up quickly enough to run into the other room before the door opened! At LEAST I had a pair of shorts next to me that I grabbed and layered on top of my boxers so it appeared as though I was wearing them.

I am quite sure this still look ridiculous, if not suspicious, and my partner and I shot looks at each other all throughout the meeting — almost bursting into laughter on more than one occasion. I have never felt so embarrassed, nervous, and ridiculous all at the same time.

Every now and then I have that nightmare where I’m naked or in my underwear in front of a class or a room full of people. At least it doesn’t carry quite the same weight now that I’ve actually experienced it for real.

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